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A 2018 Playoff Bet Against Cleveland

The man pictured below is my dear friend CJ. CJ is an amazing guy. I originally met him playing pickup basketball on campus at Oklahoma State University. Later, I would hire him to join my team and work along side him. We've been through some great seasons of life together. CJ is an Ohio Native and huge Cavaliers Fan. I'm an Oklahoma Native and a huge Thunder Fan. Our mutual disdain for the opposing team led us to make a bet this Playoff Season.

Here's the Bet:

If Cleveland does not makes the NBA Finals CJ has to buy a jersey of his least favorite player (Draymond Green), go to the bar of my choice, order the beverage of my choice, and drink the beverage wearing the jersey while sharing the entire moment live on Facebook.

If Cleveland does make it to the NBA Finals I have the get the words "Lebron James" shaved into my head.

Please let me know in the comments below if you think I made good bet.

Also, enjoy this awesome moment when CJ and I were on business en route to Houston and I made him listen to show tunes. I know you're all asking...when will our first record drop? In due time. In due time.


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