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Chest Pain + Big News!

Raych had a bad few days last week. She's always in varying degrees of pain and discomfort but she kept having some sharper chest pains that had us more worried than usual. We went to the clinic and after doing a few X-Rays and a Spirometry check it turned out to be "nothing". I say "nothing" because there's nothing that could be done for Raych. If you or I went into the doctor with any of Raych's "Normal" vitals we'd all be in the ER or ICU.

Raych's lungs are basically 87% scarred. This gives her roughly 13% to breath with. Pleurisy is an inflammation of the area surrounding the lungs. Where her scarred lungs pull at this and the surrounding tissue it's painful. As is custom, we are educated and then left to accept that "nothing" can be done. They usually mix up her ever expanding cocktail of drugs, send her home, and hope that alleviates some of the symptoms.

Then we met with the doctor heading up Raych's Pre-Transplant Team and got the best news we've ever received since we thought we had our match earlier this year. Watch this:

Days that seem dark are made so much brighter by good news. We know there are people out there still hurting like Raych. We know there are many people seeking good news that won't be met with it. We're always aware of how lucky we are. Raych frequently talks about how fortunate she is to have this incredible potential at life and healing. She knows some people won't get that. I know that too. As of today that pain in her chest has subsided. So today we are relishing good news, life, the small things, and living through this small blessing. You do the same.