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Doctors, Soccer, Mormons, Oh My!

Last weekend our family had a rare weekend out. With Raychel’s health in such a delicate place it’s rare for us to spend time together outside the house. In the rare moments we venture out it’s not unusual for Raychel to spend the next day or two in bed. That’s how devastating even a little activity can be on her body. Additionally, on this weekend we had several follow up appointments for Annson in Tulsa. For those that don’t know, Annson was a premie and spent 92 days in the NICU after he was born. When he got discharged he had 7 different specialists we were required to follow up with. We decided to make a long weekend out of the situation.

Saturday 9:00am

Soccer. We love seeing our little bup bup place soccer. Or as his Aunt LuLu has said, “interpretive soccer”. He’s the best one on his team at pointing out planes and small bugs. Admittedly soccer isn’t his sport but if you were to see him out there, tongue hanging out, running like Phoebe from FRIENDS, you’d be hard pressed to find a kid having more fun. Free spirit extraordinaire.

Saturday 5:00pm

Dinner. Love being able to go out for a good meal. Also love being close to some of the most unique restaurants in Oklahoma. Surrounded by friends and family we ate dinner at Picasso in the Paseo district. This is a great area of Oklahoma City with a dynamic retail and foodie vibe. I had a great rosemary inspired cocktail inspired by Steve McQueen and dined on the most delicious Artichoke Ravioli I’ve ever had. Strike that, the ONLY artichole ravioli I’ve ever had. Delicious nonetheless.

Saturday 7:00pm

The Book of Mormon. I’ve been quite familiar with this show for a long time and often use it as an example in my theatre courses to illustrate how society and culture impact theatre. For those that aren’t familiar, The Book of Mormon is a musical written by the writers of South Park. You can read a synopsis here. I loved the play and hated it for the same reason I love and hate South Park. There’s a reason South Park has won so many awards, including the Peabody, and is now in it’s 21st season. The writing delivers truth in a unique, albeit, crass way. The truth is what I gravitate to. However, the show I’m certain to members of the LDS church is sacrilege and after seeing it I’m somewhat convinced the adolescent humor wasn’t worth the bits of truth delivered.

Sunday 4:00pm

With two appointments Monday morning we headed to Tulsa Sunday afternoon to check into a hotel. A rare “vacation” of sorts for the family. We ate great burgers at Fat Guy’s, checked out Magic City Books, and then checked into the Downtown Aloft in Tulsa to SWIM and relax.

Monday 7:00am

Always after a good cup of coffee. Parker and the boys at Cirque Coffee Roasters did me right. We use this coffee at our operation at EVERYMAN but it’s nice to swing in and support their shop. Parker prepared an amazing cortado and I sampled a really robust pour over. If you’re looking for great coffee experience swing on in. You won’t regret it.

Monday 8:00am

One of Annson’s specialists after he was discharged from the NICU was Dr. Kimberling. Dr. Kimberling is one of our favorites. He’s a pediatric cardiologist and is INCREDIBLE at relating to young children. We’ve followed up with him over the past almost four years in monitoring a small defect around Annson’s heart. We had an EKG and and ECHO that confirmed Annson’s heart is working PERFECTLY! Dr. Kimberling discharged us from his care with no need to follow up. What a blessing!

Monday 11:00am

Lunch at Hamlet (if you like ham check it out). Raychel was starting to get pretty worn out so she rested in the car while I wore Annson out at the park. That boy loves to swing!

Monday 1:00pm

Dr. Groves is a pediatric ophthmologist which is a rare specialty in Oklahoma. We were referred to him when an anomaly was found in Annson’s eye while in the NICU and, like Dr. Kimberling, he was followed Annson for the past almost 4 years. Annson has been wearing glasses for the past couple years at the recommendation of Dr. Groves who was needing to see a small correction in his focus. We were extatic when Dr. Groves said they Annson was no longer in need of glasses at all!

We arrived home later that evening and as we piled into the house we feigned exhaustion. Raychel’s body was ready for rest but we had enjoyed a very rare and exciting few days together. Lots of great memories as a family and great news about Annson’s health. I’m thankful for every moment with these two. Every toothy smile from Annson, every moment Raychel gets to be out of the house, and every second we get to spend together as a family.

Cherishing Each Moment.


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